In response to the In-Camera Session of the 45th SEAMEO Council Conference in 2010 for SEAMEO to have its own real, relevant and up-to-date data, the SEAMEO Secretariat is developing a database of educational statistics of the 11 SEAMEO Member Countries.

The 2nd phase of the SEAMEO Database on Education, SEAMEO Secretariat with the support from UNICEF EAPRO proposed to organize the Regional Consultation Workshop on the SEAMEO Database on Education and received endorsement and approval from the 35th SEAMEO High Officials Meeting in November 2012 and the 47th SEAMEO Council Conference in March 2013 respectively.

The Consultation Workshop was held on 8-9 May 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand, and invited ministry personnel who are in charge of the educational statistics in SEAMEO Member Countries to provide input for the improvement of the SEAMEO Database on Education. International partners such as UIS Bangkok, UNICEF EAPRO, and the ASEAN Secretariat were also invited to provide technical input.

Based on the results of the Consultation Workshop, the SEAMEO Database on Education aims to be a central reference containing the official and national statistics and indicators including sub-national data of the 11 SEAMEO Member Countries. The focus of the Database will be on Education For All (EFA) Goals, but it will also consider Millennium Development Goals (MDG) related to education, and technical and higher education sectors. It will also contain information on the education systems of the SEAMEO Member Countries.

In 2019 SEAMEO Secretariat initiate to update the Database on Education (this is the 3rd phase of the SEAMEO Education Database) to the new platform in order to make 11 SEAMEO Member Countries easily to manage, insert and update the education statistics database directly from their side.

The SEAMEO Database on Education will increase accessibility to the educational statistics of the SEAMEO Member Countries for planning, monitoring and research purposes of the educational policy makers, researchers and practitioners in SEAMEO Member Countries and beyond.